Posted on May 3, 2019

gletham Communications

Did you know... Event marketing has a unique set of challenges. With content growing exponentially and readers fracturing across more and more channels, it’s difficult to reach event audiences at the right place and time. Whether you’re an exhibitor or event organizer, multichannel event promotion is the key to reaching your desired audience and attracting attendees to the event.
Gletham has almost 20 years experience attending, exhibiting, planning, marketing, and promoting event-related activities. Need assistance with your event-related marketing & comms?
Some of the things we can assist with include:
- Leveraging social media to promote your event or event presence.
- Press release distribution to reach event goals.
- Event presence planning, marketing, and delivery
- Media & Journalist outreach
- Location Tech e-blast & online advertising
- Trade Show & event storytelling
- Video and multi-media promotion
- More!
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